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Buy American made products

The job you save might be your own.



Why buy American made products?

   Because every time you buy a product that is made in a country that pays its workers less than an American company, you bring the standard of living down for all of us. Day by day you see good paying American jobs being lost to low wage countries, and these job are being replaced by lower paying jobs in the service industry ( fast food restaurants, Wal-Mart etc.) Americans really don't seem to care as long as their job is safe.  So many jobs in our country have been lost forever.  McDonalds is now the largest employer in the USA - this is sad. Our Automobile industry is being taken over by foreigners and we just sit back and take it. If Americans demanded American made products, the manufacturers would return the jobs that have been stolen from us. 

    Manufacturing plants are only moved out of the country because we let them.  When G.M. and Ford moved assembly plants to Mexico the U.S. Consumer continued to buy the vehicles assembled in these plants.  If we had refused to buy those vehicles, They would have closed those plants down and moved production back to the U.S.  Instead they are moving even more production out of the country.  And the shame  is that a Vehicle assembled in Mexico cost the same as the ones assembled in the USA.

    J.C. Penny sells a dress shirt out of  the catalog that is made in Korea or the U.S.A. and the both cost the same, even though the labor cost of the one made in Korea is about 5% of the one made in the USA. The companies that are making products in these low wage counties are enjoying larger profits at the expense of the American worker.

   The VCR was developed by NASA and we don't even make a VCR in the U.S.   The commercial ship building industry in our country is almost dead, the clothing industry is gone, our footwear industry is gone, our TV manufacturing industry is gone, and the list goes on and on.  If we keep this up where will our Children work? 


Some Thing to Think About.

   A guy gets laid off from his job. He gets in to his Toyota and drives home. He takes off his work shoes and puts on his Nike sneakers. He gets himself  a Corona beer and sits down and turns on his Sony TV and puts a tape in his Samsung VCR. He makes a call  on his NEC phone and then wonders why the plant where he worked closed.


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